Autumn Creek. Fish Creek Park, Calgary, AB 2005

 Autumn Creek. Fish Creek Park, Calgary, AB 2005

Water colour on paper.

There are many themes that emerge in the paintings of Anna Jarmics. Certainly the most pervasive of these is her deep appreciation of nature. Another is that there seldom if ever people present in her paintings, although there is often evidence of human activity. This c creates a rather haunting atmosphere to many of her paintings.

In Anna’s words:

“This scene caught my eye because of the colour of the water. It’s different of course, given the time of year. This is an autumn scene. Autumn is always very peaceful to me. If I don’t feel peaceful and relaxed in my heart, then I just can’t do it. I have to wait until a peaceful feeling comes into my heart that I can express before I can create a painting like this one.”

Price: $247.00

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