Emily Carr House. James’ Bay Area, Victoria, BC.

Emily Carr House. James’ Bay Area, Victoria, BC.

Medium: Water colour on paper.

Anna actually painted Emily Carr’s house long before she had taken the time to get to know her famous predecessor’s art or philosophy, and so like many of her paintings that may seem to be derivative of various movements of art, of painting, this painting represents a wonderful blending of the learned and the naïve, seen in much of Anna’s art.

Having now taken the time to learn about Emily Carr, Anna seems inspired to begin painting in new forms, such as an Emily Carr-inspired portrait.

However it came about, the Emily Carr House stands as a tribute to one of the world’s greatest artists.

In Anna’s words:

“Why I chose Emily Carr’s house? Something about the house touched my heart, even before I knew anything about her. But when I did find out about her – her courage and her innovative talent and her passion for life – it really touched me.

“Until you read about her, you can’t begin to understand her art. Getting to know more about her life has given me a greater understanding of and appreciation for nature. Now I feel I can put my heart and soul into my own paintings.

“I am proud of what I am doing, and how I am doing it. And God-willing, I will do more so people will be able to understand life and the love of nature.

“I hope God’s spirit will shine through so people will come to a deeper understanding of the world and of nature.

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