Hidden Buildings Butchart Gardens

Hidden Buildings Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC 2002

They say that God is in the details, and they may have almost been referring to some of Anna’s paintings when they did so. As with the Gazebo painting, the attention to detail in this painting is stunning and one can only imagine the countless hours that went into this painting. Again, we submit that Anna Jarmics is a great painter in her own right, but the fact that she creates such beautiful and finely detailed work bereft of her hands is nothing short of miraculous.

In Anna’s words:

“I like to fill my painting with details, even though you can never get all of them. One teacher said to me, ‘You’re too particular, you don’t have to out in every detail.’ But I just said, ‘That’s what I see and that’s how I feel about it.’ I don’t think a picture is finished until your heart tells you that it is.”

Price: $247.00

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